A Gift To Share

I want to tell you about incredible woman in my life, my mother.  She was beautiful, creative, gifted, and tenacious to say the least. She was a strong woman and worked very hard to give us the best she could, being a single parent she had to.

Among her many gifts was sewing and dressmaking. I remember the many dresses and outfits she would make for me. She also sewed for my cousins, sometimes for the neighbors, and eventually for the grandchildren. She especially enjoyed sewing for them and they loved her all the more for it. Each grandchild (and great-grand child) got a least one pair of pyjamas made by her. As the children grew and tastes changed the one thing she knew she could give them that was universal and would always be appreciated were pyjamas.

Nana, as she was so affectionately called, would scout the fabric stores for cute pieces and turn them into the comfiest sleepwear. If the piece she purchased wasn’t quite right or the correct yardage, she just turned it into a design feature and voila, something new.

My mother was also a strong woman of faith attending church every week. Each week she could be found cuddling a child or slipping them a box of crayons to amuse themselves with.  I think there were sweets passed around too, but she was pretty discreet about that. The children she cuddled and fussed over came to be known as her “adopted grandchildren” and she got busy making pyjamas for them too.

My mother passed away in September of 2014. Before she died she was working on a pair of pyjamas for a sweet little boy at church. She never got to finish them. Grateful that my mother passed on her gift (and love) of sewing to me, I eventually finished the pyjamas and gave them to the parents of the little boy, apologizing for the lateness of the gift. They were overwhelmed.

This season is about sharing gifts and I want to share this gift with others, especially those in need. That’s when I was impressed to start Nana Jamas.  This is started as a personal journey for me, but I want to share with anyone who wants to help. In fact I am teaming up with Carlingwood Mall this Christmas and will be donating as many pyjamas and I can make to local women’s shelters.  This is a cause so dear to my heart (see our 1 for 1 program). If you can and are willing to help, feel free to contact me. Deadline to deliver the Nana Jamas is December 20, so I best get busy.

I am very excited about this. Nana would’ve been very happy.



Colleen Mitchell

Wow wow Cindy beautiful I. Wish I was Closer To help out.
Sending you all love. Xo

Rachel Fourny

I want to help too! Can’t sew worth beans but I’m willing to help. What do you need?


That’s amazing Cindy!!! I’d love to help as well.

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