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About Us

We want women to feel beautiful and to love the skin they’re in. Nobody wants skin that is dry and itchy and ashy. It’s uncomfortable and embarrassing. We want you to look your best and that happens when you take care of your skin. 

Joa Bath and Body is all creating clean, good, skincare products so you can have gorgeous skin. We get it, you're busy and carving out extra minutes in your already full schedule for some "me-time" is tough, but we encourage you to make self-care a priority. It's important so you can go on doing whatever it is you do.

Our products are all formulated in house and we pay very close attention to the ingredients we use. There's a lot to be said about a what's in a product as well as what isn't.

Our products are free from


Sodium lauryl sulphate





We created many formulas over the years and our product line has evolved to more closely reflect our ideals and standard of clean beauty. We're constantly developing new products and are excited about what we're cooking up in the lab next. To be honest that's the part we enjoy the most.

This business is more of a journey and we are honoured to be on this road with you. We have more to come so we ask that you stay tuned, the next stage is going to be awesome.