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9 Habits Of Women With Beautiful Skin

février 20, 2020

9 Habits Of Women With Beautiful Skin

Great skin may be attributed to genetics but mostly it is the result of consistently taking “proper” care of your skin. Women – and yes men too, who have great skin have learned the secrets to maintaining that glow. They’ve developed “habits” that have turned into a lifestyle. Here’s a list of some main “habits” that you too can adopt for healthy, glowing skin. 

  1. Go to bed with a clean face every night – no exceptions. Dust, smog and other air pollutants in the air settle on our face during the day and it’s important to make sure we clean that all off at night. Our skin sheds most at night and if has a layer of dirt or makeup all those skin cells will block pores and cause break outs so NEVER go to bed with makeup on. Putting on our makeup is a work of art, but if you want to keep the canvas in pristine condition, you must keep it clean. 
  1. Change your pillowcases every 2-3 nights, flipping the pillow at least once. If you can sleep on satin/silk pillowcases. Ever see an old pillow that’s gone yellow? Sweat and natural oils from your face rub off on your pillow at night so it’s wise to make sure you clean it so your face has a clean place to spend 8 hours at night. 
  1. A proper morning and evening routine. The key word here is routine (see habit number 1). Cleanse and treat your skin properly on a consistent basis. Find the right product for your skin type and prepare to adjust as your skincare needs change. For example, change in season, aging (hey we all age, beautiful women do it with style and grace), or illness or medication, whatever the case, adjust accordingly. A basic routine will be:  (morning) cleanse, tone, moisturize and (evening)cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize. 
  1. Use the right products. Read your product labels carefully. Check for toxins, or possible allergens/sensitivities. Keeping it simple and toxin free is best for a beautiful body 
  1. Drink water. Our bodies are comprised of mostly water and we need to keep the hydration levels up if we are going to stay healthy. If you don’t like water, get over it, you need it. There are many other things we do, but we don’t like all in the name of beauty. Pure water is one of the best things you can do. When our bodies are feeling sluggish, it shows in our skin, so keep the machine in top notch condition. 
  1. Mask 1-2 times per week. Our skin needs a regular detox and reset. If you can’t get out to a spa, you can do some at home (enter link for blog post). I recommend an exfoliating mask once a week and a moisturizing mask once a week. This will keep you skin looking its best. 
  1. Eat skin friendly foods. What we eat has an impact on how we look. Eat the right foods. Your skin needs nutrients that your body gets from the foods you eat. It’s a simple concept but not everyone pays attention to it. 
  1. Use sunscreen. Sunshine is important for vitamin D production, but we need to protect our skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays. Some products have a built in SPF, but if they don’t or if it’s not strong enough, get one that will work.
  2. Wear a smile. A beautiful woman always wears a confident smile. That shows a beauty that goes way beyond skin deep.

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