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About Us

Joa is the Korean  word for "good" and that's what these products are all about. Good, clean beauty products for you and your family.

We don't use:


Sodium lauryl sulphate




We source our ingredients locally and from around the world. We carefully create each one in small batches paying close attention to details. This way we can bring you a superior product.

Joa Bath and Body started out of a desire to create a bar of soap that would be good for me and my family to use. The first product we ever created was our wholesome soap, so named because it contains honey and oats. What could be more wholesome than a bowl of hot oatmeal on a crisp cool morning?

Over the years our product line has evolved to more closely reflect our ideals and standard of clean beauty. We're constantly developing new products and are excited about what's cooking up in the lab next. Stay tuned, the next stage is going to be awesome.

As always we promote using quality products because beautiful skin isn't a luxury it's a necessity and you deserve it.