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Rose Water - A Beauty Powerhouse

October 24, 2019

Rose Water - A Beauty Powerhouse

Rose water is a power-house of goodness when it comes to skin care. It has antiseptic properties, which can help treat and prevent infections. It contains antioxidants which help the skin fight against free-radical damage, and it has anti-bacterial properties which can help wounds heal faster. It calms sensitive skin, hydrates dry skin, helps maintain the skin’s pH and the list goes on.

 Rose water is made through steam distillation of the rose petals. It takes on average 600 -700 roses to make 1 litre of rose water. To extract pure rose oil the roses are distilled further. It would take approximately 12,000 rose petals to make 5 ml of rose essential oil at a cost of over $200 per bottle.

There are no known side effects to using rose water and there are many uses from face toner, to a flavouring for food. Here’s a recipe for your bath.

 Rose water and Milk Bath 

Add 1 cup dry milk powder and 2 teaspoons rose water to you bath as it fills. Stir the water around to completely dissolve the milk powder. Once bathtub is filled, get in and enjoy.

 Add some rose water to your beauty arsenal.


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