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Winter is Here - Change It Up!

November 07, 2019

Winter is Here - Change It Up!

Today was the first real snowfall of the season. It snowed overnight so everyone is waking up to a marshmallow world (I really don’t like that song). I took a minute to enjoy the scenery (it was very beautiful), but then reality sank in. Got to leave extra early to deal with the traffic. Then it was a mad dash to the bathroom to prep for the day. Ok time to launch winter skincare – morning routine. I managed to get out the door in record time. My ride was marginally impressed. Oh well, I made it.

Now that winter is here, again (it’s an annual thing around here), time to adjust so our skin looks fabulous. Here are some tips to keep you skin soft while braving the elements this season.

Use tepid water to clean face – Hot water is drying.

Apply a refreshing toner but try to avoid the use of alcohol. It can be very drying.

Change moisturizer to one appropriate for the season. Don’t be afraid of healthy oils like Argan. It will help your skin.

Some other tips to remember

Try the oil cleansing method.  

Sunscreen is a must, if you’re going to be out and about.

Use a serum especially at night

Don’t forget the bi-weekly face treatments (masks, etc.) Keep your skin bright and glowing

Get lots of rest

Stay hydrated

Be temperate, especially with sugar intake (this time of year temptation is everywhere)

Get plenty of fresh air

Take vitamin D supplement


We can’t change the season, so might as well enjoy it as best you can. Do something fun. Can’t think of anything? No worries, we’ll have some ideas in another post.

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