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The Hidden Benefits Of Silk

March 09, 2023

The Hidden Benefits Of Silk

Silk is considered the most luxurious of all fabrics. It is smooth and beautiful and a dream to wear. Did you know that silk is an important component to great skin care and hair care? Silk has several benefits which is why we use it in some of our formulas.

Natural silk contains amino acids that help protect skin and retain its natural moisture. The extracts made from it are easily absorbed enabling them to help condition dry skin. This leads to improved elasticity and resilience.

These amino acids have a very tight molecular structure making them ideal to use in haircare products. They help restore and rebuild the keratin (protein) of hair, thus rebuilding its natural strength. It also helps to keep moisture in and prevent water loss, making your hair smooth and sleek

Silk is naturally smoother than other fabrics, such as cotton, bamboo, and polyester. Using a silk pillowcase reduces friction on your hair while you sleep. This means less frizz or breakage, especially for curly hair. The smoothness also helps avoid wrinkles.

There are more benefits to this powerhouse ingredient, but these are just the basics. Check your product ingredients for silk or silk amino acids and also consider purchasing a silk pillowcase for yourself and maybe one for your bestie too. You’ll be glad you did.

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