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The Habit That Causes Breakouts

February 03, 2022

The Habit That Causes Breakouts

Unless you are washing your face or applying make-up do not touch your face. If you absolutely have to, then make sure you wash your hands first.

Touching your face is one of the leading causes of acne breakouts. Our hands and fingers pick up so much dirt and bacteria all day it’s mind blowing. This bacteria gets transferred to the delicate skin on our faces and clogs our pores or worse yet causes a reaction. Our skin responds by sending more sebum to clear the clogged pore which then leads to acne.

Did you know that we touch their faces on average 16 times an hour?

This isn’t earth shattering, just a bit of knowledge and common sense. Keep you hands off your face.

BONUS TIP: clean your cell phone regularly. That is another place for bacteria transfer.

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