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The Eyes Have It

September 15, 2022

The Eyes Have It

Did you know that our Kamille Foaming Face Wash is gently on eyes? I had a light bulb moment recently during my morning routine. I typically clench my eyes shut until I am finished the cleansing process This day, I managed to get some cleanser in my eyes. I braced myself for the intense burn and reached for my face cloth, but the burn didn’t come. I rinsed my face, splashing plenty of water on my eyes and was fine. Hmm, I thought. Kamille face wash is gentle on skin and on the eyes, who knew.

 We’ve received many reviews and comments about how gentle this product is and how well it cleanses without irritating the skin or causing breakouts. In fact, one customer said, “my acne has started to clear up since using this cleanser”.  We are happy to know it’s been working for so many of you. Our mission is to make products that are good to use and that work.

 DISCLAIMER: Although we have tested this product and found it to be gentle on the eyes, we are not making any claims about this. Please DO NOT put this product in your eyes. It is made to clean your face. Your own tears will clean your eyes. And as always, what will work for some, may not work for others. If you find this product causes any irritation at all stop using it right away.

 The Kamile Foaming Face Wash was formulated to be gentle on your skin, while still being an effective at removing dirt, oil, sebum, etc. This cleanser would be ideal for someone who wears contact lenses or has sensitive eyes. We add chamomile and calendula extract because both are excellent astringents and have many beneficial properties for your skin.

 We will continue to test our products, always looking for ways to improve them. We’d love to hear how these products are working for you and invite you to share in the comment section of this blog. Tell your besties about it and if you learn something new, share it with us. In the meantime, be good to your skin.

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