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Let's Talk Hair!

March 16, 2017

Can we talk hair? Lately I’ve been perusing Pinterest for cool hair styles and tips.  I have curly hair and growing up it was the bane of my existence. I hated taking care of it. It was so difficult for me that I spent a good deal of time and money straightening it to make it easier to manage. I’ve since learned to accept my curls. Don’t get me wrong, I do pull out the flat iron every once in a while just for a change up.

The biggest concern with curly hair is tangling. I watched Disney’s Tangled last week and Rapunzel, my girl had no idea. To get a comb or even my fingers through my tiny tendrils meant using a great slippery conditioner and loading it on in the shower. Whichever one promised silky, lustrous hair I tried. Detangling was my biggest concern and I looked for products that had great slip.

It was then I discovered silicones. Silicones were great. I loved that they coated the hair making it easy for my comb to glide through my thick curls. I didn’t give it much thought beyond that until recently. Question: what exactly do silicones do anyway and are they good for my hair? 

Silicones are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water. They don’t let water in or out and coat the hair shaft to make it appear sleeker, frizz free and healthier. They do not wash off easily, which causes build up and means more frequent washing and clarifying. They also add a bit of weight to give fine, fragile hair substance. They are drying and do not help or add anything beneficial to your hair. The truth is they only provide a temporary smoothing

So now what was I supposed to do? I needed a conditioner and something with slip, but I wanted to avoid silicones. My hair is fragile and too much washing wouldn’t be good. Co-washing is a good idea (I’ll discuss that more in another blog), but posed a similar problem. I needed a something that would work on my hair.

I’ve searched around and have found some silicone-free conditioners that actually work for my hair. I stress my hair, because what works for one, may not work for another. I admit it’s been a fairly recent find and I’m still testing it out. I’ll keep you posted on how things turn out. For the meantime though, I think my tiny tendrils are happier.

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