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Isn't Shea Amazing!

February 09, 2017

Isn't Shea Amazing!

Shea Butter is excellent. This unassuming little gem contains vitamin A, vitamin E, fatty acids, and more. All of which are great for your skin.The butter from this nut is produced by women in western Africa through an age long process that's passed down from generation to generation.Shea butter production provides economic opportunities for women and girls in these regions while helping to protect the environment.

We put shea butter in our:
Ohemaa Body Scrub
Goddess Body Scrub
Indulgence Body Soufflé
Delightful Body Soufflé
Pure Body Soufflé 
Retreat Body Soufflé 
Decadence Body Soufflé
Delightful Body Lotion
Indulgence Body Lotion
Pure Body Lotion
Retreat Body Lotion

Order one of these today and see how good it is for yourself.

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