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How To Kill The Corona Virus

March 20, 2020

How To Kill The Corona Virus

Did you know that soap is one of the best (and possibly one of the most effective) ways to kill the corona virus? It’s true and science can prove it. I’m talking about good old-fashioned soap. Here’s how it works. Imagine that the corona virus is as a little package with a protective case. Now let’s say the protective case gets damaged and starts to fall apart. The whole things is destroyed.

The corona virus sticks well to hard surfaces and even better to skin. When your wash your hands, the soap pokes holes in the outer layer, which is made up of protein and lipids (fats), causing the entire molecule to break down. As with most solvents, it takes time. For the process to be effective, we need to give the soap time to weaken the lipid layer and to break the virus apart. About 20 seconds. Rinse, dry then your germ free. For more in depth explanation, check out this video by Vox

We have been using soap for centuries to keep our families and our homes clean, and guess what folks, it’s still working. Sometimes better that bleach or alcohol. Yeah, I said it. Soap can work better than bleach or hand sanitizer. Do your part to stop the spread of this virus and wash your hands. If you need a virus busting tool, we have a whole line of them here.

Stay safe everyone.

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