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Hey Sweet Lips

March 31, 2022

Hey Sweet Lips

In winter the air can be so unforgiving. It’s cold and very dry. These conditions wreak havoc on our skin and also on the lips. Chapped lips is caused by the elements, frequent licking the lips and in some cases allergic reactions.

We need to take care of lips carefully. The best and easiest way is use a lip balm. Applying lip balm keeps moisture in and enables the lips to heal if they become cracked. Keep the moisture level in your home up, by using a humidifier or bowls of water placed on the radiator.

Tip: When going to bed at night apply a liberal amount of lip balm or a balm (that’s safe for lips). In the morning if there is any peeling skin brush off with a toothbrush. This may feel weird and may irritate a little bit, but it’s better than biting it off.

Once your lips have healed remember to treat them gently. Whenever you face the elements put on lip balm. Protect them from the sun and wind. Wrap a scarf around your mouth when the wind is harsh.

Treat your lips with care, they are the frame of your smile.

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