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Grandma's Beauty Lessons

March 03, 2022

Grandma's Beauty Lessons

In honour of Women’s Day I thought I’d share some lessons I learned from my grandmother. My grandmother was a gorgeous woman and had amazing skin. She was a strong woman and resourceful. Women from that era had to be. I remember some of the lessons she taught me in particular about beauty. Here are some tips to keep oneself beautiful.

  1. Rest – Grandma started with enough sleep.
  2. Nutrition – Eat a balanced and simple diet. My grandmother ate, what would be now considered a poor man’s diet, but it was enough and kept her going. She grew up in a warm climate so fresh food was readily available year-round.
  3. Presentation is everything- Grandmas strived to always look her best. While she didn’t wear pearls to the supermarket, she made sure she was presentable at all times.
  4. Air – Growing up in the tropics meant that she was always in the sunshine. Fresh air and sun were essential to beautiful skin. Sun protection came in the form of an parasol or umbrella. Sunscreen wasn’t a thing back then, but it was important to protect yourself
  5. Water – She drank lots of clear water and
  6. Hard work – She wasn’t afraid of hard work but didn’t work herself ragged. She knew the importance of taking care of herself
  7. Keep Clean – properly clean your skin and make sure you remove your skin every night.
  8. Organized – plan your day and your life. This will ease some of the stresses in your life.

 Grandma’s list is simple and that’s the beauty of it (pardon the pun). She loved nature and tried to use it as much as she could. She believed in using natural remedies when possible. While researching this I found that not much has changed. She was a wonderful woman and I like to think that her legacy lives on.

 My grandmother and many women like her worked hard so that their daughters could have better. I am thankful for the sacrifices they made. I am thankful for the trails the blazed. I am grateful for their legacy and strive to do the same. Women’s day is for celebrating the women in our lives. Remembering the women who helped shape our lives and encouraging the women we are raising.

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