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Falling For You

September 22, 2022

Falling For You

The days of hot sun, cool beaches, are behind us and the leaves are beginning to change. It’s sweater weather. While you may be thinking of swapping your iced cappuccino for a pumpkin latte, it’s a good time to think about changing up your skincare routine. In the fall the air gets cool and dry, and our skin reacts to these changes. To keep our skin soft and beautiful we’re going to need to change it up. Here are 7 tips that will help you transition your skin care routine.

  1. Use the right cleanser: Your skin will produce less oil so it’s a good idea to switch to a hydrating or a cream-based cleanser.
  2. Moisturize for the cold. It’s a good idea to switch to a richer cream that will lock in moisture. This is true for your face and your body. If you don’t use lotion, maybe you should. And if you do use lotion, try going for a rich body butter.
  3. Sunscreen is always a must: Just because there is less sun doesn’t mean it does any less damage. Protect your skin with a good SPF. A light one under your moisturizer is good and will be sufficient.
  4. Protect your lips: The weather is colder and drier and so are your lips. Use a lip balm whenever your feel your lips drying out and avoid licking them. That dries them out more than anything else. Tip: splash a tiny bit of water on your lips and pat dry before applying lip balm.
  5. Exfoliate gently: You may not need as much exfoliation, however it’s a good idea to make sure you slough off dead skin using a less aggressive scrub or exfoliator.
  6. Treatments are your friends: Keep you with your regular treatments. Whether you DIY during a weekly spa night at home or splurge to have it done, make sure you stay up with it and keep your skin happy.
  7. Hydrate inside and out: Using a hydrating cleanser and moisturizer is great for your skin but drinking plenty of clear water is the best thing you can do. In the fall you may feel less thirsty. Make sure you get the proper amount of water intake for your body. There are several sites online to help you calculate what that should be.

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