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Dad's Need Pampering Too

June 08, 2023

Dad's Need Pampering Too

The men in our lives often get a bad rap for not wanting to pamper themselves. While I think many men have gotten more into grooming than they did a few years ago, there are still plenty who just don't see the point. If this sounds like your dad or husband, here are some products he might enjoy:

Scalp massager

A scalp massager is a great way to stimulate the circulation of blood, which can help stimulate hair growth. It's also a great tool for relieving stress and headaches, so you can use it while watching TV or reading a book!

Beard oil

Beard oil is a great gift for the men in your life. Beard oil hydrates and conditions beards, helping to prevent beardruff and dandruff. It also helps to prevent itchiness, irritation and split ends while adding shine and softness to your man's face fuzz.

Beard oils come in many different scents including eucalyptus mint, sandalwood cedarwood and lavender citrus. You can also find unscented beard oils if you're buying this as a gift for someone who has allergies or just prefers no scent at all!

Manly scented candles

Candles are a great gift for any dad. They can be used to create the right mood, they're relaxing and they even smell good! Candles are a great way for men to unwind after a long day at work or just relax at home with their family. Men like candles because they give off light while also creating an atmosphere that is calm and peaceful.

Candles come in many different scents so there's something out there for everyone! If you know someone who likes a specific scent then it would be best if you got them one with that particular smell because then they'll know exactly what kind of candle it is without having too much trouble figuring out which one it actually is by looking at its packaging label on top (if any).

Shaving brush and razor set

A shaving brush and razor set is a great gift for anyone who shaves. It can be used by both men and women, so it's perfect for parents of boys or girls!

The brush helps spread the shaving cream evenly across your face before you use the razor to shave off any unwanted hair. The brush also has soft bristles that will not irritate sensitive skin while they work their magic on making sure that every inch of your face is covered in lathery goodness.

Weekly hair mask treatments

Hair masks are a great way to treat your hair. They can be made at home and used regularly to improve the condition of your locks, whether you have short or long hair.

If you want to try a homemade hair mask, here are some simple instructions:

  • Mix one egg yolk with three tablespoons olive oil or coconut oil in a small bowl until it becomes frothy (like mayonnaise).

  • Apply this mixture directly onto wet strands from root-to-tip, avoiding contact with scalp. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water and shampooing as usual--no need for conditioner!

Facial scrub with grittiness to exfoliate the face and remove dirt and dead skin cells.

The first step to a healthy skin routine is exfoliating your face. This removes dirt and dead skin cells, leaving you with a fresh new look. Facial scrubs can come in many different forms: liquid cleansers, foaming gels and even face masks are all good options for getting rid of excess oil on the surface of your face.

If you have sensitive skin or only want very mild exfoliation (perhaps because of age), then consider using a gentle washcloth with soap instead of an abrasive scrubbing pad that contains microbeads or pumice stone ingredients--these types of products tend to be too harsh for delicate facial tissue!

The men in our lives need some pampering too!

Men's skin is thicker and oilier than women's, which means it can be more susceptible to acne and breakouts. Men on average spend more time outside than women and are at a higher risk of sun damage, so sunscreen is especially important for them.

Men are just as susceptible to skin issues as women are--they just don't talk about it as much! If you want your dad (or any other man in your life) to feel pampered and cared for, let him know that you want him around longer by taking care of his skin now.


We hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as we did writing it. We know that men can be hard to shop for and we want to make the process easier for all of you! If there's anything else we missed, please let us know in the comments below!

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