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Black & White

June 02, 2020

Black & White

I have heard, seen, and felt the pain all around me and as a result I could not stay silent anymore. Today's post is personal. It is a piece of my story and how the global (yes global) situation impacts me. This is a problem everywhere.

As a black woman I understand all to well the need to work twice as hard as my white counterparts to be considered half as good.I  faced it in school, at work, in church, even at my children's playgroup. It came in many forms. Some subtle others blatant and obvious. It usually starts out like a tiny seed. An off comment here, a cruel joke there. Left unchecked these things fester into what we have now.

I have been on the receiving end of all of it. As I started my business I was told to use "white models" to sell my products because "white sells". The saddest part about that statement is it true (studies have been done). The erroneous idea that if the products are made by a black men or women or for the black community it can't be as good as others bothers me to my core. Quality is quality regardless of the maker. 

I have also been treated as the token. You know the one people refer to when the claim "I have black friends". I am not a token to make you feel good about yourself, I am a person. if you see something in me and you choose to have me as a friend, thank you. I will be loyal to you. Not because I need or want something from you, but because I value friendship, love, joy, and sharing.

This isn't all of my story. There are so many who have stepped up to help and support this growing business. I know they are support me because they believe in me. They didn't flinch when they first met me. It never crossed their mind to even consider what colour my skin was (it was a non-issue). I've met so many wonderful people who are reaching out to show they care. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Thank you for wanting to make a difference and for wanting this to end. Thank you for being brave enough to speak out against this blight on humanity. Thank you for using your voice in whatever platform to educate, encourage, and embrace. This will get better, it has to. Future generations depend on it. 


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