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Best Practices For Healthy Skin

January 20, 2022

Best Practices For Healthy Skin

The skin is our largest organ and just like the heart, liver, and lungs, it is complex and intelligent. Have you ever had stress acne or hormonal acne? Has your skin ever brightened up after a good work out? What we do, what we eat, and how we feel will inevitably show up in on our skin. Here’s a list of a few good practices for achieving  that healthy glow

 Get Enough Sleep

It is important to start each day right by getting enough proper rest. The average adult needs 7+ hours of sleep each night. We produce collagen at night while we sleep that strengthens our skin and maintains its elasticity. One medical study found poor sleep quality was led to increased signs of ageing and diminished skin barrier function. A similar study was done in Korea and the subjects showed a marked reduction in skin elasticity and more pronounced wrinkles.

 Eat Clean

What we do and what we eat will eventually show up on our skin. A balanced diet high in whole foods will do amazing things for your internal organs as well as the external one. Avoid foods that are heavily processed and/or high in sugars, saturated fats, caffeine, salt, etc. If we’re going to eat these things, keep our intake as low as we can.

Remember that when we eat is just as important as what we eat. Eating late at night disrupts the body’s rhythm and digestion is poor at best. The domino effect of this is the systems that repair at night can’t because they’re busy digesting and processing food.

 Drink Water

Our bodies are mostly made up of water. When you sweat, breath, etc. you’re losing that precious water and it needs to be replenished. It helps in the process of eliminating toxins from the body. It helps the skin maintain its elasticity. The key is to consume enough water to keep properly hydrated.

Don’t Touch

Keep your hands away from your face. We have bacteria on our hands and especially our fingertips. Try your best not to touch your face. Wearing a mask helps.

Speaking of masks, make sure you change your mask regularly (after ever 3-4 hours). If you’re using a re-useable mask wash after each wear. 

Be Consistent

Develop a proper and consistent skincare routine specific for your skin type. Have one for morning and one for evening. A basic regimen is cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize, protect. Once or twice a week treat your skin with a mask or a treatment to target any problem areas you may have.


Exfoliation is key for getting rid of dry skin flakes. It’s also a good way to slough off impurities and stimulate circulation. Be mindful of how delicate your skin is. Don’t be too aggressive of rub too hard. You may do more harm than good.


While we can’t completely eliminate stress there are some things we can do to reduce it. Stress produces cortisol (a.k.a. the stress hormone) which can lead to high blood pressure, muscle tension etc. It will trigger increased oil production that causes break outs. The best way to reduce it is to avoid toxic products, toxic situations, and toxic people. Cutting people from your daily routine doesn’t have to be permanent either. Sometimes just taking a break is all you need.


There are so many benefits to exercise not all can be listed here. First find something you like and do it. Exercise will increase blood flow which will help removing skin damaging toxins. It delivers oxygen to your vital organs, including your skin.  


The importance of moisturizing can’t be stressed enough. Apply it After cleansing and toning to keep moisture locked in. Make sure to use the one appropriate for your skin type.


The best source of vitamin D is the sun, but we need to keep our skin protected from damaging UVA/UVB rays, no matter the time of. These rays lead to wrinkles, moisture loss and cancer. Whenever you’re heading out apply sunscreen to all areas of unprotected/uncovered skin.


Individuals with beautiful skin actually take care of themselves. Although self-care is a popular term right now it is not made a priority due to lack of time. Everyone is so busy trying to get by that engaging in self-care seems like an extra demand on our time we can’t afford. Truth is we can’t afford not to.

Final Thoughts

This list is not exhaustive but will give you some ideas how to achieve beautiful glowing skin. There are some things that will bring noticeable results quickly and others will take time. Taking care of your skin, your body, and your overall health should be top priority. Taking care of yourself means you can take care of the important people and things in your life. Be good to yourself.

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