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Behind The Mask

August 14, 2020

Behind The Mask

Behind the mask

COVID is a real concern and we all must do our part to protect ourselves and others. Currently most businesses and public places have made wearing masks mandatory. We can appreciate the reasons for wearing them and most of us comply gladly for the greater good. However, wearing a face mask for prolonged periods of time will have an affect on your skin. People are noticing face rash, irritation, and is some cases acne (there’s even a new term for it – maskne). Don’t be dismayed, there are some things that you can do that will help.


  1. Clean your face regularly. The objective here is to keep your skin clean while being as gentle as you can to avoid any further flair ups or issues. Keep your face clean but avoid harsh cleansers. Though it may be tempting to hit your problem areas with intense cleaning, keep it simple and gentle. Skin will break out when it’s irritated.
  2. Change your mask regularly. If you are wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time, then make sure you change it out after a couple of hours or so. Just the moisture from your breath and any particles of dust or pollen (it is allergy season after all) will collect on your mask.
  3. Keep your reusable masks clean. Wash cloth masks after each use. Oils and bacteria from your face get deposited on the mask and you don’t want them to go back on your face.
  4. Avoid wearing make up. Seriously though, who is going to see you behind the mask. Do up your eyes if you must and leave the rest. Our skin needs to breathe and putting on make up is just one more layer we don’t need. Not to mention the mess it will do to your mask.
  5. Take breaks. Every couple of hours or so find a safe place to remove your mask and just breathe. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before removing your mask.
  6. Wear cotton masks. Try to wear mask that is made from soft materials such as a soft 100% cottons and make ensure the it fits well. If it’s rubbing around on your face or is too tight, it can cause irritation.
  7. Keep your face moisturized. As you breathe into your mask it collects dirt, sweat, oils, etc. and it may sound counter productive to put on moisturizer, but the moisturizer can act as a barrier between your skin the elements that collect under the mask.
  8. Don’t forget your lips. Use a lip balm to keep your lips moistened as well. The atmosphere under the mask might be harsh to your lips, so keep a good lip balm handy to treat lips through out the day. A stick version is the best option as it keeps your fingers out of it.

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