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Back To Basics

October 10, 2019

Face cleansing

You are beautiful and you need to maintain that by taking care of your skin. The best way is to hit the reset button and start fresh. For one week try a simple routine to get your skin back on track. 

It’s a simple formula really; wash, rinse, repeat. Well in this case it’s cleanse, tone, moisturize, but you get the idea. Do this morning and evening, and preferably at the same time each day if you can. 

Skip the make-up for one week. During this period allow your skin to breathe and rest. If you must have some colour, keep it limited to eyes and lips. 

Do a deep cleaning once a week. Try a pore cleansing mud mask. There are so many available and various muds are known for pulling dirt and debris from your pores.  I recommend doing this at the beginning of the week, say day 1 or 2. 

Do a hydrating mask near the end of the week. To make sure your skin is hydrated and feeling fresh. 

Clean and disinfect all phones and devices that come close to your face. It’s surprising how much bacteria collects on those things and then gets transferred to our face. This can lead to serious break outs. 

There’s not much to it. Just keep it simple and allow your skin to rest. It’s one of your best assets and should be treated with TLC. When we take care of ourselves then we are better equipped to handle this thing called life. Caring for yourself is not an extravagance it’s essential.


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