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No More Bad Hair Days

February 25, 2016

bad hair days

Is you hair dry and brittle? Do you suffer from split ends? Does your hair need moisture? Curly girls pay attention.

The usual answer for dry brittle hair is more moisture, right? Have you ever tried a moisture shampoo and conditioner and found it didn't work. Then you move on to the next product, then the next, then the next. After failed attempts to get your hair to behave and not feel so brittle, you figure trying a natural conditioner will help. You may get some relief, but it's not treating the problem.

It's possible that your hair needs protein. Our hair is made up of protein and when it is out of balance hair can feel dry and will break, which leads to killer split ends and many bad hair days.

Try a deep protein conditioning treatment. You should be doing a deep conditioning treatment every 2 weeks or so as part of your regular hair care regime (don't have a regime, we'll cover that later). Keep doing the protein treatments until your hair starts to look alive again. The split ends should probably be trimmed.

Once your hair is back on track you can re-introduce the moisture deep conditioning. I suggest alternating between the two for balance. This may take a bit of trial and error, but that's okay. We are all unique and we may need to tweak things to make it just right.




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