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Start The Year With A Sniff?

January 15, 2015

We are already half way through the first month of the year and I'm already behind on several of my goals (I don't do "new year's resolutions). In my defence I was sick. Truth be told it was probably a good thing. It forced me to slow down and pay attention to the details (need to add that to goals list). So, yes I started off this year with a miserable head cold. I sneezed constantly, which of course led to my having to blow my nose repeatedly. 

After awhile my poor face ached. My nose was raw and the skin became chapped. My usual go to remedy for this used to be some good ole' petroleum jelly,  but now what do I use? I was becoming desperate when I remembered my FB post stating that coconut oil would work. So I tried it. It was a bit oily, but really soothed the chapped nose.

Oh the relief. My cold is gone and my nose is now back to normal. On to bigger and better things.

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