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Fighting Flu Season With Soap?

November 04, 2014

This may seem familiar, but bears repeating (see blog post January 22, 2014). Hand washing is the best defense against getting a cold or the flu. Before reaching for the anti-bacterial soap on your next grocery run keep in mind that while it will do the job, it probably contains the chemical “Triclosan”, which is used to make it anti-bacterial, is pretty potent and is proving to be a health hazard.

There is an alternative. Good old natural soap. Not to be confused with detergent bars, natural soap has always been a good way to clean up and keep germs and virus at bay. The key is to wash your hands properly. You must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds (singing a tune in your head while you wash helps), rinse thoroughly and then dry completely to get maximum effect (the same holds true for antibacterial soap).

Although you wash it off your skin natural soap still has more benefits. One being that it is less drying due to the oils and butters used to make it. Natural liquid soaps are just as good and will do the job. Looking for a good bar of natural soap? Check our selection  of soaps here

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