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What's In your Shampoo?

February 12, 2014

People like to look good, it’s no secret. Both men and women spend thousands of dollars on all sorts of hair and skin care products in an effort to look "amazing". Aside from the financial price tag, what is the real cost of our obsession with these cure-alls, fix-its, and magic elixirs from a bottle?

Turn a bottle of regular shampoo over and you’ll get a long list of ingredients you can barely pronounce let alone identify. If you’re anything like I was, you figure, "oh well it must be safe. If it weren't they wouldn't be allowed to sell it ", right? Wrong.

There is a growing awareness of the harsh and potentially harmful chemicals that are in our every day beauty products. Why should that matter to us? It matters because our skin is not solid, it’s permeable. Being the largest organ it is susceptible to damage that can affect other areas of the body

Definition of an organ: A grouping of tissues into a distinct structure that performs a specific task.

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