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Media Kit

Who we are

Joa Bath and Body is a skin care company that started in 2008. The company was born out of a desire to produce a line of skin care that was better. We wanted to make a clean product, free from harsh chemicals and contained only good things. We use natural ingredients sourced from around the world and handcraft every product. This gives us the opportunity to pay attention to the smallest details ensuring the best for our customers.

Our Mission

Our slogan is "be good to yourself". Being good to yourself means recognizing the importance of treating your body well. When you are doing well you are better equipped to do the things that are important to you. Our message is to feel good looking good. That is why we choose to use only ingredients that won't harm us or our environment. It all comes down to doing good.


Company Stats

- Start date, January 2008. Canadian owned and operated. Our products are made in small batches on site. This ensures higher quality.

- Our products are never tested on animals (only wiling human subjects).  

- 100% vegetarian. We use honey and beeswax that is ethically harvested.

- paraben free

- no artificial colours

- SLS free

- phthalate free



In The Press



Breathe Magazine October 2012

Best Health Magazine


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Paying it Forward

Giving back to the community is so important. It's about more than doing something good to feel good. Helping others, helps everyone as a whole. Two programs that Joa has started is the "One for One Program" where, during the holiday season, Joa Bath and Body donates a bar of soap to a local women's shelter for every bar of soap sold. The other charity is "Nana Jammas", children's pyjamas are donated to a shelter. 


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