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The Joy of Giving

novembre 21, 2019

The Joy of Giving

To some, gift giving is a joy. The whole process of finding just the thing to show someone how much you care conjures up good feelings (for the most part). Well the holidays are upon us and if you’re stuck thinking of what to give, here are some suggestions that might help.


Gift cards – simple, easy, and universal

Etched glassware – bowls, mugs, etc. (can get an etching kit at a hobby shop, or use paint)

Scented candles – the scented market has a great selection

Hot beverage mixes

Gloves with hand warmers

Funky socks


Homemade goodies – always a treat and from the heart

Hat and scarf set

Anything personalized becomes that much more special

Bags, packs, containers, to hold gear like earbuds, phones, etc.

Change purse (some people still carry change)

Donations to a favourite charity – there are too many to list here, try to keep it local to the recipient

A date – Dinner, movie, bowling, skating, whatever just get out a spend quality time with each other.

Skin care – self care is very important and not enough people take time to care for themselves.

Best wishes and remember to give from the heart.

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