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Crazy For Love Or Just Plain Crazy

mars 05, 2015

A recent Facbook Post reads "50 Shades of Grey is only romantic because he's a billionaire. If he were living in a trailer it would be a Criminal Minds episode" How true is that statement? Suppose your best girlfriend told you about her intimate dealings with a guy she's dating and it was like a scene right out of the movie. Instead of living in a mansion he brought her back to his home which is a trailer in the woods. Would you say she was crazy for love or just plain crazy? Be honest now. What is your first knee-jerk reaction? My first concerned  would be for her safety. I would probably grill her with questions about who he is, who  does he talk to and if she's sure this is what she wants.

Let's look at the scenario again , but instead let's suppose she does meet Mr. Christian Grey and he is in fact a billionaire. What then? How many of us would be anxious for her to dish all the steamy details, like what his "chamber" looks like, does he have any other fetishes, what does he eat for breakfast (I'd be curious)? Does the perceived net worth of a person dictate his/her value? Are we that judgemental that how you look or carry yourself indicates whether or not you're trust worthy or sane? What are your thoughts?

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